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Who are we?

We are North Perth’s best one-stop-shop auto services provider. North Perth Car Repairs has been serving car owners in Perth with the best, efficient and affordable car repairs and maintenance. We work hard to give the best services to the residents of Perth.

The highly trained technicians of North Perth Car Repairs have all gained their expertise from the many years of experience in auto repairs. The bond and teamwork we have is the reason why our name has been known to be the best choice of auto repairs in Perth.

The Excellent Services

We take pride in our quick, effective and trusty services. To give you an idea, here is a quick view:


Our team will make sure that your brake system is thoroughly inspected. We will ensure that your brake pads and shoes are in good condition. We will check if the system has been opened and make sure that all air has been removed.

Wheel Alignment

The services we offer includes tire rotation or replacement, maintain proper air pressure, test the vehicle on an alignment track. Plus, we properly check the suspension and steering component and we will also give our customers an annual alignment check-up.

Complete Engine Repair

Every engine is beautiful and needs to be given enough attention and care. That is why we make sure that we carefully do visual inspection of engine components and replace filters if there are complications detected. Full system cleaning is also available.

Air Conditioning System

Our technicians are all certified and licensed in checking every component of your A/C system. We will find leaks and fix without risking any other components. We can also check the cabin filter if there are problems and replace it if necessary.

Car Batteries

The battery powers every electronic device in your car; it is such a big hassle if something goes wrong with it. That is why we make sure that it is replaced after being tested and cleaned. At the same time, the belts are also checked if it is still in good condition.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have any questions and would like to experience quality car services that have been enjoyed by the residents of Perth, then contact or visit the best car repairs North Perth – North Perth Car Repairs.

North Perth Car Repairs: Taking Care Is What We Do Best

North Perth Car Repairs

Nowadays, owning a car is considerably one of the necessities of life. Although owning one is expensive, not to mention the maintenance that comes with it, its role in our daily activities is very essential– that is why we choose to have one.

With North Perth Car Repairs, the best car repair center in North Perth, we need not look further.

Since, our car has the most needs; we should give it intensive care to lessen the expenses and to prolong its services.  Hence, we struggle to look for the best car services available in our locality and more so, one that is very accessible for us.

Taking good care of your car is like taking care of our loved ones — cleaning and bathing it daily, checking its engine, and of course, dressing it up so it looks up to date. More so, we must always remember that we entrust our life and safety to our cars while on the road. Therefore, it must always be in perfect condition.

If you are in need of professional services, you can easily reach North Perth Car Repairs via the World Wide Web. Click on our site and tell us what you need and want for your car and we will have them sorted out for you – in a flash. Whatever your car problem may be (auto body repair, dent repair, and bumper repair), we have the best solution for you.

Indeed, the many facets of a car exponentially help us do what we must and be where in time. With the many repair centers promising nothing but the best service for our rides, we still need the assurance.

With regard to our auto repair services, we guarantee you the best of what we know and have to offer. We know how much you value your car and thus, we too would like to extend our tender loving care to them. Thus, let us take care of your cars. Bring your car to us or contact us through our website and the rest, as they say, will be history!

5 Major Causes of Poor Gas Mileage

North Perth Car Repairs

The rising gas price is always a hot topic during conversations among friends, especially in households. Every car usage consumes gas and going to work, to the grocery store and running errands are all inclusions. The rise in cost makes people think twice especially for people who are struggling with a low income.

But cars are no longer just a necessity; it’s more of a convenience. Although there are those additional expenses for car maintenance, the need for a private vehicle still outweighs the commuting scenario where you can undergo great torture during rainy seasons. Of course, there are always ways to minimize car expenses. To start, we can point out reasons of poor gas mileage and find ways to manage those causes that could lead to monetary savings.

Under-inflated tires

Under-inflated tires are a common cause of poor gas mileage. It increases the rolling resistance causing your engine to work harder and burn more fuel as a result. Gas mileage drops by one percent for every 2 lbs the tires are under-inflated. In addition, under-inflated tires wear more quickly. Properly inflated tires increase gas mileage by up to 3 %; so check tire pressure regularly. You can find the proper tire pressure for your car on the tire banner that is usually attached to the door edge, door post or glove box lid.

Speed and acceleration

Maintaining a slower speed can result in a 7% to 23% savings in fuel economy. Gas mileage rates begin to decrease at speeds over 60 mph.

Heavy trunk

Look for the gross vehicle weight rating or GVRW listed on the door sticker. Extra weight in your car causes the engine to work harder and consumes gas faster. Remove excess items and make sure that your things in your car are not dishevelled. A reduction of 100 lbs in excess weight can save from 1% to 2 % in fuel economy.


Regular tune-ups will increase your gas mileage by up to 4%. If your engine is in poor running condition, a new set of spark plugs might be a good place to start to get it back into shape. Change the fuel and air filters if the same problem persists. If your car has a distributor, replacing the distributor cap and rotor is also a good idea. Refer to your owner’s manual for the correct tune-up schedule for your car.

Idling and air conditioners

An engine running while staying in place is a waste of gasoline. Idling doesn’t only contribute to poor gas mileage but also adds up to pollution. If possible, look for a cool area to park so you can turn off the air conditioner. Car air conditioning by itself consumes gas and having it on causes a lot of gas to be wasted in powering the system. Turn off the car when waiting. If you can, turn off the air conditioner and ride with your windows open. At higher speed, close the windows though to reduce drag.

There are a lot more ways to extend the life of your car and increase its gas mileage. For more tips, ideas and information visit us online at

You can also drop by our shop, North Perth car repairs for any of your vehicle troubles, our highly trained mechanics and technicians are available 24/7 to cater your needs.